Praxis für Massage und Körperarbeit

Sylviane Affolter, Dipl. und Krankenkassenanerkannt

Massages with Aroma-Massage-Oils

Bio Altearah  * Colours of my Moods

Aromatherapy is a source of well-being. Altearah Bio has made it accessible through 14 different mixtures of essential oils which are divided into a scale of 14 colours. These colours help both body and soul.


P. Bouchardon  * Préparations of Oils

Composed of 100% of essential oils from trees. By application of this oil we resonate with its natural qualities and come in contact with our roots. It operates through an inner movement; a whole dynamic is set in motion to facilitate natural change and adjustment.



According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body is divided into 14 Meridians which correspond to our balance of health. These Meridians are in a way the ambassadors of our feelings. When the synergy of these systems is in stable harmony, then peace returns.