Praxis für Massage und Körperarbeit

Sylviane Affolter, Dipl. und Krankenkassenanerkannt

My Treatments

Pain Relief – Health – Calm – Well-Being

Achieved by: movement techniques, stretching and massages, breathing improvement, transmission through touch as well as dynamic and calming specific massages:

Reflex zone massage

- Cranio-Shiatsu & Colonic-Shiatsu  

- Breathing Therapy

- Holistic Reflexogy Massage

- BRS = treatment of the Hormonal System

- Meridian Massage Technique TCM

- Metamorphic Massage – G. St.Pierre

- Specialities:

Sacral-Iliac- Pain (blockage)

Pain in Joints and Neck   

> Bio Altearah; Color & Aroma Therapy for Body and Soul



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